Well done!

You’ve discovered a secret place on the Internet where you will learn some of the secrets to making an easy passive income.

(I won’t be sharing everything, especially the secrets that are the most profitable because that would be foolish. Why dilute the pool? They’re mine! And anyone that tells you different is a liar!)

But I will give you some tips. And maybe some remnants of ideas and strategies that will help you to develop the insights you need to figure out how to achieve financial freedom for yourself.

In a nutshell, I make money by sitting on my arse.

I have good days and bad days, just like everybody else but I do not have the added stress of having to go to work or worry about money.

I still do a bit of work every now and again – to keep things ticking over, increase the profitability of an income stream or diversify into new income streams – but on the whole my assets bring home the money whether I work or not.

One year I did absolutely nothing work-related for NINE MONTHS (December to September) and still earned more than double the average UK salary.

My intention is not to brag – if I wanted to that I would not have kept myself anonymous.

No, my intention is to tell you that this way of living is entirely possible. It is not a pipe dream. It is not something only for those born into privilege. It is something that anybody can achieve provided they have a bit of intelligence, a lot of drive and can devote a fair bit of hard work (at the outset, anyway).

Oh, and maybe a small pinch of luck.

Everything on this website is free – I am not selling anything….well, not yet anyways. Maybe I will in the future. Who knows?

I hope you find the information here useful and it helps you to achieve a similar life to my own, liberated from the shackles of a job and a lack of money.

If not, I don’t care. Please don’t bitch to me about my website because your email will go straight in the trash.